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This Morning Brought Collectors A New Hasbro Pulse star wars Fan First Wednesday livestream, in which we got a sneak peek at some upcoming toys to drool over.

Unfortunately, today star wars Hasbro’s livestream showed us nothing of what could happen with the arrival of Obi Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus… But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have some other cool stuff to show!

As for the Black Series, fans will soon be able to fully expand their Rogue One collection with the long-awaited arrival of Saw Gerrera. It’s slated to arrive in the spring of 2023 and will come in the “deluxe” price tier at $33.99.

On top of that, we’ve taken a look at the other three characters making up the next batch of comic-based characters (Black Krrsantan was revealed during Bring Home the Bounty earlier this year). The next wave will include the redeemed (white) Darth Vader from Star Wars Infinities, Princess Leia from its titular comic, and Sergeant Kreel, the leader of the elite SCAR troopers.

All of these are expected to arrive in the spring of 2023 and arrive at $27.99.

Fans of the Vintage Collection also have things to look forward to! Newer figures joining this 3.75-inch line include Figrin D’an, the Mandalorian Death Watch Airborne Trooper (from The Clone Wars), Captain Mandalorian Super Commando (also clone wars), ARC Trooper Jesse, and an awesome Imperial Death Trooper 4-pack for troop builders.

The 4-pack is expected to arrive in the fall of this year, but the rest is planned for – you guessed it – spring 2023.

In other small-scale action figure news, another “prototype” figure joins the retro collection. This time, Chewbacca is getting into the multicolored fun. You won’t have to wait much longer for this one, as it should arrive this summer.

Some announcements for fans of the Gaming Greats collection (i.e. me) were also announced during the livestream for TVC and Black Series. Clone Commando Sev joins its Fixer and Boss brethren, meaning we’re one step away from having a full Delta Squad. Over at TVC, Lando gets the action figure we’ve all wanted since Solo came out (thanks to his Battlefront 2 skin), and Shae Vizla of The old republic come back!

I’m super excited about this one, as it was incredibly hard to get your hands on when it was first released nearly a decade ago. It’s an amazing figure and as someone who has finally returned to the MMO, I can’t wait to get it.

Shae and Lando are expected to arrive this fall, while Sev will arrive a bit later in winter 2023.

Pre-orders for nearly all of these items will go live tomorrow, April 7 at 1 p.m. ET. Which of these newly announced Star Wars figures are you looking forward to picking up?


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