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LEWISBURG – A new shop on Market Street offers classic memorabilia from a private collection including figurines, art, film posters, games, vintage toys and magazines from the 1960s-1980s.

And yes, that includes Star Wars memorabilia of all types from the original trilogy.

“All classic Star Wars memorabilia is always hot,” said Steve Gibson, owner of Retro Collecto: Vintage Toys, Curiosities & Collectibles.

The idea behind Retro Collecto, at 310 Market Street [downstairs]was to weed out items from Gibison’s own collections — the closets full, he says — and collectibles formerly owned by Jessica Paquin, the Campus Theater’s former director and memberships director.

Paquin passed away in 2018, but left behind a treasure trove of memories, Gibson said.

“She [Paquin] said before she passed that she would like nothing better than for people to have access to her stuff and make the prices affordable,” Gibson said. “One of the reasons we have things for sale at a reasonable price is that I researched the prices on Amazon and then lowered the price.

“I want to make sure collectibles get into the hands of people who really want them versus someone who’s going to buy and resell right away.”

He also knew that he didn’t want his memories to “live in boxes.”

Getting it to people who would appreciate it was part of the motivation to open a retail store.

“It really is, technically, a pop-up shop.” What was once Ben’s Costume Closet is now Retro Collecto, “at least for a few months,” he said.

Abby Scheckter of Lewisburg assisted Gibson in her store last week. “I just volunteer and help out,” she said, as she worked in the back of the shop on one of the store’s items.

The items for sale in the store, Gibson said, are part of a larger collection that has been growing for more than 20 years.

Gibson has been a collector since he was a teenager, he said, citing the original Star Wars, ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, as films that fascinated him and sparked his passion for collecting.

“The late 70s, the 80s were my area of ​​interest,” he said, “and not coincidentally, that was when ‘collectibles’ were marketed. A lot of really interesting things started coming out around that time. Hollywood studios got really creative around that time, and everything became a toy. I feel very lucky about that, as a collector.

Gibson has collected a number of pieces over the years, “they came, they went. And I would find things like someone going to flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores. A lot of my collection is made up of movie memorabilia, especially related to horror, pulp and shocking stuff.

But a lot of the memorabilia in the store is related to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, he explained. “There’s also superhero stuff.”

Some Barbarella posters from the 1960s with Jane Fonda are particularly collectible and valuable. Oddities like vintage TV sets, lunch boxes, games, horror figurines are also for sale in the store.

There are many more collectibles that will make their way into the store over time, Gibson said. “It’s just part of a bigger collection that I’ve shared with Jessica. Bigger things like mannequins will also be here at some point.

The reason Gibson wanted to do this store rather than an online seller like ebay, he said, is “I think there’s something magical about taking the box to a silhouette, to look at it, to physically hold it in your hand. Something much more tactile about being a kid again than just seeing a picture and description. Here you can hold it in your hand and see that it’s a cheaper price than what’s on sale on ebay or Amazon, and say “I have to go with this”.

Retro Collecto is open almost every evening, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and by appointment.

For more information, call 301-693-0292.


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