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Nothing makes us want to treat ourselves to an item we covet quite like a celebrity endorsement. It’s there that Etsy and Nicole Richie Come in. The beloved reality star, fashion designer and entrepreneur has teamed up with Etsy to post a gift guide. Last month, the ultimate tastemaker asked her Instagram followers to name their favorite Etsy shops and, 3,000 responses later, the results were in.

Richie chosen hundreds of unique products – jewelry, pet dishes and coaster, to name a few, and we love them all. That said, one, in particular, came across as something we want and need. The product in question? A handmade ceramic egg tray from the Etsy shop clayey.

egg tray


When it comes to egg storage, you have three options. You can keep them in the not-so-pretty carton they arrived in, arrange them in boring clear plastic trays, or opt for Nicole Richie’s artistic alternative. The Etsy tray with room for 18 eggs is made from clay and decorated in four steps with detailed decals and 24k gold leaf. So be sure to clean it by hand rather than sticking it in the dishwasher which can take away the shine and gold. Did we mention it comes for free?

nicole richie etsy vacation


The vintage-inspired egg tray is also backed by over 6,500 five-star reviews. That’s right, not a single person rated the board less than a perfect score. And if you want to share its beauty, whip up some deviled eggs and pass them around at your next having dinner. After all, with all the diet-centric foods The holidays are comingthere’s hardly a better time to hang this beautiful egg tray.

nicole richie etsy vacation


The creative brain behind Claylicious also makes other vintage-looking kitchen utensils, including sugar bowls, olive oil dispensers and utensil boxes. “Etsy is home to so many talented designers from around the world, and I’m thrilled to highlight a few of my all-time favorites for the holidays,” Richie said in a statement. “Even more, I love discovering new must-haves and can’t wait to be inspired by my followers’ favorite Etsy shops.”

So go ahead and do your eggs a favor and display them in something worthy of their delight.

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