Paso Robles storage facility publishes tips for storing antiques and collections


The use of the right packaging materials is important and in the case of valuable and important items.

Almost everyone has valuables such as important papers and files, books, works of art, and collections that need to be stored at some point. Many collections require special handling for storage and management of Mars Mega Storage in Paso Robles has published advice to help people preserve valuables.

As with all packaging, it is important to use the right packaging materials and in the case of valuable and important items, the right material can make the difference between damaged and retained items.

One of the first things you should do is check with your insurance company before storing valuables to make sure you are protecting the items in the right way. Something as simple as folding an antique or vintage piece of clothing could damage the fabric.

  • Unframed documents, business files, photos and all types of collector’s documents are best preserved using archival quality acid-free storage materials. Filing folders, boxes and special packing papers and tapes are all archival quality to prevent damage to documents.
  • Store artwork and framed documents vertically with a protective layer between each item.
  • Mirror boxes or wooden crates are also useful for protecting framed artwork.
  • Protect the unframed art with a sheet of acid-free paper over the art, sandwiched between two pieces of archival foam, using acid-free tape.
  • Store business records in filing cabinets instead of boxes. Using portable disk drives for electronic recordings is an effective way to preserve files, reports Paso Robles’ storage facility management.
  • Large sculptures are best protected in wooden crates. Wrap and stuff small items as much as possible and pack them in very sturdy boxes.
  • When storing collectible books, carefully dust each book, open the pages, and let them air for a few hours. Used archive boxes and wrapping paper. Wrap each book individually and don’t wrap the boxes too heavy.
  • When storing antique furniture, clean and oil, then wrap and pad each item securely.
  • Use archival storage boxes and acid-free paper for antique or vintage clothing and fabrics. Make sure clothes are cleaned before putting them away. If an item needs to be on a hanger, use a hanger designed to preserve the fabric. The Smithsonian Institute has great tips for storing antique fabrics, including rugs, tapestries, and costumes.

Three important considerations when storing valuables are:

  • Temperature and humidity control helps prevent the air inside the unit from getting too dry or too humid. Mars Mega Storage storage units are well-insulated units with electrical outlets for a humidifier or fan.
  • The units should be large enough to allow air to circulate. When choosing a storage facility, units of different sizes allow customers to choose the best size. Mars Mega Storage in Paso Robles offers units from 5 x 5 feet up to drive-thru units up to 60 feet in length.
  • Safety is always important. State-of-the-art security features such as 17ft steel perimeter walls, onsite manager, infrared cameras and laser beams, in-unit fire and burglar alarms, extended lighting, fire hydrants and coded access 24/7. up to a layer of security that offers all Mars Mega Storage guests the highest level of peace of mind.

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