Primark shoppers calling £3.50 must have ‘seriously fabulous’ storage jars


Primark shoppers are loving the brand’s new pantry essentials.

Posting on Instagram, the retailer shared an image of the stylish glass and wooden storage containers and said they were priced at £3.50.

Fans of the brand were quick to react. “Need this” replied one fan, another called them a “must have”, while a third simply said, “What a beautiful kitchen storage”.

Storage jars come in a variety of sizes and are great if you’re buying produce in bulk or in bulk with the goal of reducing plastic usage.

They are also a stylish addition to your cabinet or counter.

Glass canisters with wooden lids cost from £3.50.

Since highlighting the products, Primark Home has received over 11,700 likes on the post.

Fans called them “beautiful!”, “beautiful!” and even “Seriously Fabulous”.

A fan looking for these “must-have” kitchen accessories, however, was struggling to find them at his local Primark. They wrote: ‘Love it but my local Primark only has one small shelf of home kitchen clothes so I doubt I’ll ever see these’.

The range is available to view online and buy in store.

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