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Royal fans got a unique behind-the-scenes look at the construction work in the east wing of Buckingham Palace. The Royal Family’s Instagram account, which represents the Queen and Prince Philip, shared several short clips showing the bare wing of its floors, furniture, artwork and artefacts and turned into a construction site. The historic palace floors can be seen lifting as workers investigate the full extent of what needs to be done.

Work in this part of the palace is expected to involve 10 miles of water pipes, 6,500 power outlets, 500 sanitary ware, including toilets and sinks, and 20 miles of baseboards.

And as workers stripped Buckingham Palace of its grounds, staff found old newspaper clippings from 1954.

Among the everyday objects found during the works in the East Wing, there were also boxes of old empty cigarettes.

In one of the clips shown by the Royal Family’s Instagram account, a pack of Player’s Weights cigarettes and one of the Churchman’s cigarettes can be seen, the brand no longer on sale in the UK.

Work in progress at Buckingham Palace will amount to £ 369million, paid for by taxpayers through the Sovereign Grant.

This subsidy comes from a percentage of the profits from the revenues of the Crown estate, normally set at 15 percent.

Buckingham Palace, whose original structure was built in 1703, was in “urgent need of a complete overhaul” of its infrastructure to avoid long-term damage, the royal family’s official website explained.

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The palace’s electrical wiring, plumbing and heating have not been updated since the 1950s, the Royal Family’s website added.

A web page devoted to the maintenance of Buckingham Palace read: ‘The most cost effective way to replace these essential services and ensure that the palace is fit for purpose for the next 50 years is to undertake a program of works. spread over ten years. .

“The program will bring a series of long-term financial and environmental benefits, as well as improvements to visitor access.


“The palace will remain occupied and fully operational for the duration. “

These works created some disruption in the daily life of the Queen herself.

The east wing, which was built to accommodate Queen Victoria’s growing family in the 1840s, has 200 rooms, including the monarch’s bedrooms.

The Queen, who is said to be “fully in favor” of the renovations, has left the east wing and temporarily moved to another room.

This is the second update given this month by the Royal Family’s Instagram account on the works of the palace.

On February 16, the Instagram account shared a two-minute video showing the conservation work done on the palace’s historic wallpapers.

The message read: “Look at the historic 19th century wallpaper of the yellow living room being carefully removed for conservation.

“Not only will this work restore the rare and fragile wallpaper, but it will simultaneously protect it from damage caused by nearby construction work as part of the re-maintenance program.

“Once the work is done, the restored wallpaper will return home to the yellow living room. ”


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