Quiz: what is your vintage style?

Learn all about your home’s architectural style and how to design alongside it.

When was your house built?

A. Colonial era

B. Mid-1800s–1900s


D. 1940s to 1970s

E. Not sure; I live in a space/time continuum where old things are painted white and then distressed to become old again.

Style hero?

A. Betsy Ross

B. Oscar Wilde


D. James Bond

E. Joanna Gaines

Ideal activity in the afternoon?


B. Picnic at the cemetery

C. Reading in a dark library

D. A walk in the park

E. Summer: trip to the beach. Autumn: outing to the farm.

Favorite material?

A. Iron

B. Lace

C. Wood


E. Shiplap

Favorite color palette?

A. Browns

B. Anything with dramatic contrast

C. Jewel tones

D. Earth tones

E. Ecru

Especially A’s: Primitive. To you, old tools look less like torture devices and more like art. You’re in love with your wide-plank pine floors—and don’t care about your neighbors’ floating composite—and appreciate a good squared nail. Plaid isn’t just for picnics; signs and embroideries also adorn your walls. Where to shop: Village Barn Country Store and Antiques, Burrillville.

Mainly B: Victorian. Coco Chanel’s “take one thing away” rule doesn’t apply to you. Opulence is the name of the game here, as seen in your Walter Crane wallpaper and velvet faded sofa. Where to shop: Leonards Antiques, Seekonk, Mass.

Mainly Cs: craftsmanship. You probably live in a bungalow, where your kitchen sink is heavier than your countertop. Your favorite chair is a Morris and you can spot a mortise and tenon from a mile away. Where to shop: Mike’s Estate Services, West Warwick.

Especially D’s: Mid-Century Modern. You love your open floor plan, even though your spouse complains every time you cook omega-3s. You lose track of time gazing at your property – carefully maintained to “look natural” – from the massive windows of your sunken living room. You may or may not be Scandinavian. Where to shop: Emma’s Back Porch, Cranston

Especially E’s: Farmhouse/beach/cottage style. You are timeless, your style too. You rely on neutral colors as a backdrop for plump furniture, vintage treasures and DIY projects; see our furniture painting procedure on the TK page for inspiration. Where to shop: White Elephant, East Greenwich


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