Rare Honda US90 from 1970 Surfaces after 40 years of storage, she is looking for a home


Is it a motorcycle? Is it a quad? No, it’s a three-wheeled recreational vehicle that can also tackle rough terrain with its low-pressure balloon tires. This original “tricycle” was designed by Osamu Takeuchi in the late 1960s and entered production in 1970.

Apparently, the US90 was created in response to requests from American Honda motorcycle dealers for vehicles to be sold out of season. Has he succeeded? Well, let’s say it not only stayed in production until 1985, but it also started a new trend for fully portable off-road machines.

Just 63 inches (1.6 meters) long and weighing just 197 pounds (89 kg), the original US90 was powered by an enlarged Honda ST70 engine. The 89.5 cc (5.5 cubic inch) single-cylinder ORV The engine was only capable of seven horsepower, but it was enough to push the three-wheeled off-roader to a top speed of over 30 mph (48 km / h).

Much like the more iconic Honda Motocompo, the US90 allowed for complete disassembly so that they would fit in the trunk of a car. It came with foldable handlebars, multi-piece axles, and simple wheel and hub units. The soft, almost spongy tires eliminated the need for a suspension system, which makes things easier compared to bikes.

Honda redesigned the tricycle for the first time in 1974, when it also renamed it the ATC, abbreviation of “all-terrain cycles”. The ATC110 succeeded the ATC90 in 1979 and the ATC125M in 1984. The three-wheel cycle was continuously improved and fitted with larger and larger engines.

The US90 you see here is a first year model that rolled off the assembly line for 1970. It’s not clear if this is a sole proprietorship, but the seller says that this is primarily an unrestored survivor who has not been on the road since 1980, when his carburetor was cleaned.

But even though it has been sitting for 41 years, it still works and drives. Most importantly, it still has the original balloon tires, which are “in good condition” and still hold air. Visually, the trike appears to be in good condition except for paint chips on the tank and fenders. And the yellow paint combined with the black stripes and white “Honda” writing looks as good as the vintage paint schemes.

Auctioned by eBay seller “johnsonrevler21”, the balloon tricycle drew seven bidders and a high bid of $ 1,575 with four days to go. The reserve has not yet been met, but there is a “buy it now” price of $ 4000 if you want to pick up this original three-wheeler. Mountain biking residence.


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