Reformation launched its third vintage collection online


Reformation has long been a favorite of style icons and celebrities, not only for its cool, flirty, vintage-inspired dresses and partings, but also for its eco-chic mission of sustainability. The brand is committed to minimizing waste and reusing vintage unsold fabrics for its creations. They have been carbon neutral since 2015 and even offer their customers a $ 100 gift card if they switch to wind power. Other climate-friendly initiatives practiced by Reformation include its RefRecycling program, where customers can send in clothes for free to recycle by the brand, and a partnership with a textile waste company called Osomtex, which collects waste from their factory. Los Angeles and reuse them in yarn and fabric.

The brand goes even further with the launch of its third vintage collection online. As you may know, vintage and second-hand shopping is one of the most enduring ways to fill your wardrobe and satisfy your fashion cravings, and Ref knows the importance of re-wearing things. that already exist. Their 50-piece collection launches today, October 28, and is “inspired by fall runways and street style” with a wide range of pieces including snakeskin pants, ’80s minis , Spice Girls t-shirts and rare Levi’s Red Line jeans.

Where do vintage Reformation pieces come from? “Reforma’s vintage comes from all over the world,” says the brand Vogue teens. “The brand works with different vendors to get a selection of items and then selects each piece by hand. Once the pieces are chosen they have an amazing in-house seamstress who helps repair the damage to make sure everything is spotless. From there, the parts are reworked and modernized to achieve an effortless Reformation look. “

Check out some of our favorite pieces from the collection below and shop for their vintage selections at But click fast, because Reformation expects its third vintage collection to sell out quickly!

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