Ridgefield Mercantile features new home decor, vintage items from 20 local dealers


90% of the products are vintage and the remaining 10% are new.

Rylander sees no comparison between Ridgefield Mercantile and the many big box stores in Clark County.

“If someone is looking for something in a big box store, they’ll go there,” she said. “But if someone is looking for something unique for their home, or wants something that’s been well built, they can find it here.”

Not only are the wares unique, however. The experience is different.

“As soon as they walk in, it smells different, it sounds different, and it’s different from a relationship perspective because you meet the owners and meet the sellers,” Sacamano said. “We want it to be special.”

With inflation rising, Rylander sees another benefit in shopping at the store.

“If you’re looking for dining chairs, we could sell a dining chair at a profit for $35 to $60. But you can go online and they’re $200, and you won’t get them for six months,” she said.

“What we’re doing is taking what’s already been created in the universe, then reusing it, fixing it, finishing it, possibly painting it if it needs to, staining it, and then making it like nine,” added Rylander.


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