SDCC Mandalorian ‘The Rescue Set’ Revealed


On Saturday, British toy store In Demand Toys revealed that Hasbro is releasing a new 4-pack called “The Rescue Set” for its Star Wars: Vintage Collection line.

The rescue set

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Star Wars Vintage Collection: SDCC Mandalorian 'The Rescue Set' Revealed Star Wars Vintage Collection: SDCC Mandalorian 'The Rescue Set' Revealed

The set will include the following variants:

  • Din Djarin with soft goods cape, beskar spear and flame/whistle bird effects.
  • Moff Gideon with a cape of soft goods, Darksaber and a load of weapons.
  • Grogu in child-sized handcuffs.
  • A far too small Dark Trooper with flame effects and a pistol.

The 4-pack will come in a box that can also be used as a diorama. According to a follow-up report from, the set is a San Diego Comic-Con 2022 and HasbroPulse exclusive. No official pricing or order information has been revealed yet.

There have been plenty of complaints online about the set being repackaged in fancy packaging, but that’s exactly what an exclusive item should be. No one misses the standard version of a figure they want, but a lucky few get something a little more special (or a chance to make some serious bank on eBay). Can you imagine if they did a set with the Mudhorn or Kuiil riding a blurrg as an exclusive? Everyone would be angry, including me.

It’s worth noting, however, that the Dark Trooper is bafflingly out of scale – so much so that the single version looks even more horribly overpriced. That said, all of those effects, softs, and accessories sound pretty awesome. I’m not a big fan of packaging dioramas, but this one might be worth keeping.

Let’s just hope the price (which should be revealed next week) isn’t too obscene.

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