Should Texas Tech go back to a more vintage-style logo? Creator of ‘Level the Bevel’ Website Explains His Thoughts | KLBK | KAMC


LUBBOCK, TX – The creator of a website to “level the bevel” of Texas Tech University’s Double T logo spoke to and explained why he thinks the school should go back to a more classic design.

The logo was first introduced in 1926 and officially adopted in 1963. The current beveled design was introduced in 2000 and remained unchanged as of 2022.

Cason Brownlee, creator of levelthebevel.comsaid a surge in the popularity of vintage logos influenced his idea of ​​changing the school to a flat logo.

“You see online fan polls that generally rate our comeback stuff and our highest Double T dish,” Brownlee said.

Brownlee is a graphic designer based in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from Texas Tech University in 2018.

He says he has always been interested in logos and more specifically sports logos.

Brownlee said that when he noticed the domain name “” was available, he wanted to create a website in support of the logo change that people could share.

“Something to galvanize people of that opinion to have a resource to share that and spread the argument,” he said.

Brownlee said he thought the flat logo stood out more than the beveled logo and looked better on uniforms. However, he knows that people have a strong opinion against the logo change.

“I think a lot of people don’t like the change either, which I fully understand,” he said. “There’s a lot of tradition in both logos.”

Brownlee said that while he’s noticed Texas Tech increasingly using the vintage logo, he doesn’t see the university choosing to ditch the current logo altogether.

“I would be shocked if the school decided, ‘Okay, we’re officially going to remove the bevel and go to the flat Double T,'” he said.

Brownlee added that while he loves the Double T dish, the website was created primarily for fun.


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