Star Wars Clone Wars 2D Micro-Series Black Series and Vintage Collection minifigures launched at Collector Con


Day one of Walmart’s Comic-Con 2021 Satellite Collector Con event kicked off today, July 22, with the launch of a wave of new figures in Hasbro’s Black Series and Vintage Collection lines. Interestingly, the whole wave is dedicated to the fan-favorite 2D Clone Wars micro-series that Genndy Tartakovsky released in 2003 (currently available for streaming on Disney +). This miniseries laid the groundwork for the highly acclaimed Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series.

It looks like many of these new Black Series and The Vintage Collection figures are updates to previously released figures with new retro-themed packaging. Pre-orders for the new figurines are available via the links below followed by an image gallery. Note that images of the Black Series figures have not been released and that several of the figures were listed as “out of stock” at the time of launch. They could go live at any time.

Walmart’s Collector Con event takes place July 22-25. You can keep an eye out for all new releases here via our master list.


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The Vintage Aayla Secura Collection

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The Vintage Collection ARC Trooper Captain


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The Vintage ARC Trooper Collection


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The Vintage Barriss Offee Collection


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Vintage Collection Battle Droid


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The Vintage Luminara Unduli Collection




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