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The Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest was a huge success, giving fans and collectors a taste of upcoming products. One of the biggest announcements outside of the reveal has been that Hasbro has put the power in the hands of the fans. They announced their first Star Wars event: The Vintage Collection Vote from the Vault. The event consists of five legendary figurines from the Vintage collection which are highly sought after and valuable, giving them a chance to live a second life. The Hasbro Star Wars vote from the vault is as follows:

“Star Wars fans, you are our only hope! From now until April 23, we need YOU to vote on which Star Wars: The Vintage Collection vault minifigure is returning. The winning minifigure will be announced later this spring and will receive new real home decor photo, if applicable. PRODUCT AND PACKAGING IMAGES SHOWN FOR REFERENCE ONLY. NOT FINAL.

To vote, comment #StarWarsVoteFromTheVault + #Figure name (As seen below. 1 vote per account, per day. Voting closes April 23, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET. May the Force be with you! “

Each figure deserves its place in any fan’s collection, and with the rise in popularity of the Vintage collection, this is a great idea. The first digit is Imperial Tank Drive from Rogue One, which has regained popularity since its return to The Mandalorian. Weequay’s Return of the Jedi is back, with many collectors still needing it for their Hasbro HasLabs Jabba Sailing Barge. Then we have the Soldier of the Republic of Star Wars: The Old Republic which debuted with the Vintage line. The Old Republic is loved by many fans, and this character may contain the legacy of this dying series. The Clone Wars’ upcoming comeback Ahsoka Tano wields her green lightsabers while still a Padawan. This character continues to grow in popularity, so getting another version of this figure would be great for tons of collectors.

Finally, we have Starkiller from the beloved video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. This character is as popular with Star Wars fans as the entire Old Republic franchise. Originally an apprentice to Darth Vader, Starkiller betrayed his master to help advance the rebellion. There aren’t many Galen Marek collectibles, so seeing her name on this list makes us want more. The winner will receive a reissue of their minifigure with an updated card back and an updated minifigure with photo-real imagery. Fans can vote now on social media here commenting #StarWarsVoteFromTheVault + #Figure name (example above). Who will win?

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