Star Wars Trapper Wolf Helmet, Black Series and Vintage Collection figures now available for pre-order


Yesterday, Hasbro announced several of the new action figures which would join their Star Wars Vintage Collection and Black Series lines. Today, many of the collectibles are available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth.

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Bring a wide variety of Star Wars characters to your personal collection with these awesome action figures. Whether you’re a fan of the dark side or align with the rebels, there’s something here to appease both factions. Additionally, for a limited time, Entertainment Earth is offering Super Saver Free Shipping on orders totaling $39+ (excluding tax, US only) with code SPRINGFREE22!

The Vintage Collection

RCAF Private Jesse

“Jesse is a fierce patriot who proudly wears the cog-shaped symbol of the Galactic Republic on his helmet, and has a large tattoo that covers his face. This ARC Trooper action figure is inspired by the character of Star Wars: The Clone Warsand makes a great gift for collectors and fans.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection ARC Trooper Jesse 3 3/4″ Action Figure – $14.99

  • Includes four blasters, helmet, shoulder pad, holsters, and specialized armor
  • 4 years and over

Captain of the Mandalorian Super Commando

“Darth Maul’s Mandalorians alter their armor to reflect their allegiance to the Dark Lord. These super commandos wear red and black, and some even wear fashion horns on their helmets, to better resemble their leader Nightbrother.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Mandalorian Super Commando Captain 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure – $14.99

  • 3 3/4 inch action figure
  • Includes 3 blasters
  • 4 years and over

Mandalorian Death Watch Airborne Soldier

“It is believed that the warrior clans of Mandalore were wiped out long ago. But as the Clone Wars swept the galaxy, the Mandalorians were resurrected with their legendary armor feared throughout the galaxy.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Mandalorian Death Watch Airborne Trooper 3 3/4″ Action Figure – $14.99

  • 3 3/4 inch action figure
  • Includes three blasters and a jetpack
  • 4 years and over

Figrin D’an

“The rock frontman of the band entirely Bith The Modal Nodes. His skillful playing of the Kloo Horn for the band earned him the nickname ‘Fiery’ Figrin.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Figure Figurine 3 3/4″ – $14.99

  • Includes an instrument
  • 4 years and over

Lando Calrissian (Star Wars Battlefront II)

“A sportsman looking to make his fortune at the sabacc tables, Lando had a reputation for being a bit of a rogue, but he usually fights on the side of good in this battle across all three eras of the Star Wars galaxy.”

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Gaming Greats Lando Calrissian (Star Wars Battlefront II) 3 3/4 inch Action Figure – $16.99

  • 3 3/4 inch plastic figure
  • Includes cape, scarf and blaster
  • 4 years and over

Shae Vizla

“Once a bounty hunter allied with the Sith, Shae reluctantly became leader of the Mandalorians and began working with Outlander’s Alliance in Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Gaming Greats Shae Vizla 3 3/4″ Action Figure – $16.99

  • Expanded Universe Action Figure
  • Features two fire blasts, two blasters and alternate heads
  • 4 years and over

Vintage Wave 11 Collection

“These 3 3/4-inch scale Star Wars figures feature classic characters and retro packaging! Longtime Star Wars fans will love this Kenner-style packaging, right down to the old-school Kenner logo.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Action Figures Wave 11 Case (already launched) – $111.99

  • Classic characters with retro Kenner-style packaging
  • Accessories include detachable blasters, lightsabers and helmets (subject to change).
  • 4 years and over
  • The case contains 8 individually wrapped figures:
    • 1x ARC Trooper Jesse
    • 2x Din Djarin (Morak)
    • 1x Mandalorian Death Watch Soldier
    • 1x Figrin D’an (Cantina Group)
    • 1x to be determined
    • 2x Captain Mandalorian Super Commando

Black sequence

Seen Gerrera

“Saw Gerrera is bunkered on the ancient world of Jedha, coordinating a protracted insurgency against Imperial occupation; his failing health does not weaken his resolve to fight!

Star Wars The Black Series Saw Gerrera Deluxe 6-Inch Action Figure – $33.99

  • 6 inch action figure Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Comes armed with mask, blaster and cane
  • 4 years and over

Darth Vader – Infinites

“Darth Vader is redeemed!” Sith Lord Vader confronts Luke aboard the second Death Star when Leia arrives, revealing that she too is a Skywalker in the classic comic book series Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Infinite. Unable to face his two children, he turns away from the dark side. He reappears as a Jedi once more, wearing white armor.

Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader (Infinities) 6-Inch Action Figure – $27.99

Leia Organa

“After the destruction of Alderaan, her homeworld, Leia tries to find and protect the remaining Alderaanians who are scattered across the Galaxy with the help of Rebel pilot Evaan Verlaine and R2-D2 in the Marvel comic series Star Wars.”

Star Wars The Black Series Princess Leia Organa (Coimic) 6-Inch Action Figure – $27.99

  • 6 inch scale figure
  • Includes a cape and two blasters
  • 4 years and over

Sergeant Kreel

“Sergeant Kreel, a former Undercover Agent 5241, is the leader of an elite group of SCAR soldiers, Task Force 99, under the direct command of Darth Vader. As seen in the comics!

Star Wars The Black Series Sergeant Kreel 6-Inch Action Figure – $27.99

  • 6 inch scale plastic figure
  • Includes lightsaber and blaster
  • 4 years and over

Trapper Wolf Helmet

“Whether attacking Ranzar Malk’s space station or chasing Din Djarin’s Razor Crest, Trapper Wolf wore his signature helmet patrolling the Outer Rim with Carson Teva.”

Star Wars The Black Series Trapper Wolf Electronic Helmet – $131.99

  • With painted details, series-inspired design, interior padding, electronic lights and sound effects
  • Life-size reproduction of the Rebel Alliance helmet
  • 3 internal speakers
  • Synchronized LED lights inside the visor
  • Simulated Blaster Firing, Base Explosions, and Communication by Carson Teva

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