Storage Wars Cast Members Ranked From Least To Most Successful


It is understood that most casino games are based on luck, while poker is a game of skill. This is why professional poker players can claim their winnings as “earned income” rather than gambling loot. Darrell Sheets may be known in “Storage Wars” as “The Gambler” , but it’s a game of skill, through and through.

The Sheets might seem like the most unlikely of power players, with his frequent malapropisms and utter disregard for innings, but he earned by far the most money of any other cast member on the show with a payout of $842,469. . His road to the top began in earnest in the Season 3 episode “Portrait of the Gambler,” when a trip to Montebello ended with Sheets scoring hundreds of original artwork by Francisco Gutierrez valued at $300,000.

Sheets proclaimed himself “King of Montebello” after that, and the city went on to pay for him, netting a total of $385,550. That extra $85,000 alone is more than almost any other city paid in total for all shoppers combined, and in three of the five cities that exceed that $85,000 threshold, the amount would fall below if Sheets were deducted from the total.

The man has almost twice as many paydays over $10,000 (15) as losses of any amount (8), and at the end of 14 seasons he is only at a cool Gutiérrez half million locker. It’s not just luck, it’s skill, and that’s why Darrell Sheets is number one.

No premiere date has yet been announced for “Storage Wars” Season 15, but hopefully Sheets will be back in the fray to keep his status intact.


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