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Storage products have exploded over the past few years, thanks to major organization supporters like The Home Edit. At the same time, unique artistic objects and containers have become highly sought after in order to create an Instagrammable space. For a very long time it seemed like you had to choose between the two – you could either create a sterile but tidy environment or show off your personality. There was no in-between. Fortunately, however, the makers realized that many people want a balance between the two scenarios and turned to creating storage as an art that helps keep things in place while infusing style into the home.

One of the most recent examples is the collaboration between jewelry brand Mejuri and Claude Home, a contemporary vintage and furniture design company. Working together, the two recently put together a set of animated trays that both hold props and act as art objects, effectively solidifying this fusion of qualities as one of this year’s trends to know about.

But, of course, these are not the only brands on board; many other creators have been combining storage and high-end design for some time. And whether you’re looking for small products that will hold desk items in place or entire pieces of furniture designed to store your stuff in serious style, they’ve got you covered. Ahead are some of TZR’s favorite examples of the storage-as-art trend.

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