The renovation of this 250 square foot kitchen brings more storage and color


Cabinet fronts: Laminate in rust, ocher, night and mint

Counters: Caesarstone Pure White Engineered Quartz

Lighting: School pendant

Chairs: Modernica Jadeite Case Study Chairs

Table: Hay table with triangular legs

BEFORE: The Traction team had a small space to work, but that only made them think more creatively.

AFTER: The integration of a large storage space was a big part of the renovation.

The craziest madness: “Our clients have really splurged on the color,” says Jody. “I suggested they choose a bright accent for the cabinets, but instead of just one color, they gave me four! It took many iterations to come up with an arrangement of the four colors that seemed complementary and useful. In the end, everyone was really happy with the result. “

Sneakest backup: “We had a relatively small area to work with, so our most devious backups were really about reclaiming hidden and unused space. There was a process of discovery and serendipity in the renovation, ”says Jody. “There was an old maid’s staircase hidden behind one of the kitchen walls. We turned it into a bank of tiered cabinets that house the refrigerator and pantry. We also discovered that part of the existing kitchen was an enclosed porch from a previous renovation. To make the kitchen feel larger, we actually scaled it down, restoring the original porch and incorporating large sliding glass doors to wash the space in the light and reconnect it to the backyard.

AFTER: The owners are big fans of mid-century modern design, so the decorative elements perfectly capture that.

The best part: “No matter how cloudy, cold or gray it is outside, when you walk into the house the combination of light and color improves your mood,” Jody explains. “I love that when you stand in the kitchen you can now see through the house and both the front and back yards. “

What I would never do again: “We started construction in February 2020 with the expectation that I would make regular trips to Boston from my Tampa office to monitor the progress of construction. A month after construction began, the whole world closed its doors and it became clear that the trips were not going to take place. We had to improvise. Luckily we had a great entrepreneur and between visits to FaceTime and lots of images we were able to make it work, ”says Jody.

Final invoice : “It was pretty much what we expected, although customers ended up spending extra money on upgrades such as replacing all old single-pane windows with coated aluminum. energy efficient wood, a new HVAC system and new LED lighting. These had a high initial cost, but long term benefits, ”says Jody.

AFTER: Color throughout the kitchen is a constant source of happiness.


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