These vintage style pyrex ornaments make adorable holiday gifts



We’ve found the perfect Christmas stocking idea for the Pyrex fan in your life.

Utah-based Etsy store Twinkltoast sells adorable Pyrex bowl-shaped Christmas tree ornaments in every shade you, your mom, or your grandma could possibly own and love.

These 3-inch clear acrylic ornaments sell for $ 13 each and bring back a wave of nostalgia for the popular line of bakeware, cooking utensils and serving platters. They are available in classic colors including the Friendship, Butterprint, Spring Blossom, Butterfly Gold and Gooseberry designs seen below.


As Ingrid from Twinkltoast points out in the product description, the back of the ornaments is white, which allows you to write a note to the gift. One of the twinkltoasts adornments tied on top of a wrapped kitchen item would make a lovely gift box, don’t you think?

Ten additional designs in traditional vintage Pyrex lines are available as well as rare and Christmas themed versions. You can also purchase 2 inch tall mini ornaments for $ 9.

Ornaments are only one option; magnets, key chains, car mirror charms, prints, wall hangings, napkins, tote bags, graphics, and notepads are other great ways to show your love for Pyrex. And it’s not just the iconic vintage Pyrex look – Twinkltoast also offers items featuring the brand’s jadeite line and their Cathrineholm lotus pattern.


Some of the other Twinkltoast posts are just as fun and can even be useful. For example, the start of the holiday season and all of her cooking would be a great time to get one of the $ 8 “No Pyrex in the Dishwasher” magnets to stick on the front of your dishwasher for all. kitchen helpers appreciated but in uniform. Pyrex collectors will love the “Certainly Not a Pyrex Collector” magnet which clearly shows that you are in control of your Pyrex hoarding habit.

Looking for even more Etsy Pyrex ideas? Vendor Renjaz has a bunch of vintage printed fabrics and related items, including hand towels. The Pinecones and Clover store offers silicone watch straps, earrings (below) and leather cuffs with vintage Pyrex designs.

Pine cones and clover

Handmade Mommy Designs has a Spring Blossoms pattern t-shirt, while MoonCoast has Pyrex mugs, t-shirts, and iPhone cases. SimplyAvelee sells waffle weave napkins and cups. CollectingPyrex offers pillows, fleece throw, and drawstring bags that help you show your love for Pyrex. And PoconosModern offers a number of printed paper and fabric items featuring popular tableware.

Don’t forget your pandemic-themed articles! AllThePurtyThings has a ‘Pyrex variant’ t-shirt and you can find a patterned fabric mask from RoseParka.

So take a break from your Pyrex hoarding – er, we mean collecting – and add some of these cute accessories to your gift list!

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