Unique vintage: style for everyone


Fashion and style are not the same. While peers, media and others can dictate fashion, style is something more innate and personal. It can be versatile. One day, a person’s style may be casual, like jeans and a t-shirt; another is more formal, like a suit. Fashion tends to be of the moment – season after season – but style is something that stays with someone for months or even years. While one may be out of fashion, everyone has style.

Unique Vintage is a retailer whose style and fashion dates back to the days of sock shops and drive-ins. Think cigarette pants, flared dresses and bandeau tops. While not a conventional style, Unique Vintage has a loyal following that appreciates vintage cuts and designs from years past while making them contemporary.

In the early 2000s, Katie Echeverry, founder and CEO of Unique Vintage, was a pharmaceutical sales rep who spent her weekends scouring flea markets for vintage dresses to sell on her online store from home. in Burbank, California. quickly gained an audience that sought out vintage outfits like hers. Due to high demand, Echeverry left the sales world to work full-time on Unique Vintage.

As online sales grew, Echeverry opened a physical store in its hometown in 2008. Currently, Echeverry and Unique Vintage have 60 employees who work online and in the retail store.

“It was just for fun,” Echeverry explains. “Within no time, orders started pouring in faster than I could keep up with e-commerce demand while sourcing some real vintage.”

In 2017, Unique Vintage launched its first licensed vintage collection with Barbie by Mattel. The Barbie x Unique Vintage collaboration included original Barbie outfits from the 50s and 60s, including the iconic Chevron striped swimsuit. The collection was successful and was covered in publications such as Associated Press, WWD and BuzzFeed and on “Good Morning America”, which led to an ongoing partnership with Mattel and opened the door for other partnerships. co-branded with additional licensors.

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