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In addition to their Attack of the Clones Year series, a year-long monthly tribute to the 20th anniversary of “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”, Blast Points Podcast has a fascinating episode on the landmarks of the original ” Star Wars trilogy”.

“Join us as we explore these marks on film that signified the end of a reel and reveal how they actually reveal clues to this very specific ‘Star Wars’ storytelling structure! When Does Every Story Take a Twist Dramatic? When are our heroes in What is it about this unique rhythm and structure of the “Star Wars” saga that makes it so special? And what does all this have to do with the reels pizza?!” Listen now.

On Skytalkers, Charlotte and Caitlin celebrate their fifth birthday and discuss the latest episode of ‘The Book of Boba Fett’. Listen now.

On Talking Bay 94, host Brandon Wainerdi interviews William C. Dietz!

“Today I speak to the legendary and wonderful William C. Dietz, who, for ‘Star Wars‘ fans, wrote the ‘Dark Forces’ trilogy of books. Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully told, these stories have truly stood the test of time. the ordeal of ‘Star Wars.’ From the time of wars. From the theft of the Death Star blueprints to the exploits of Kyle Katarn, Mr. Dietz has incredible stories and insights into the creation of these books and more. Listen now.

Pink Milk is a podcast where hosts (and husbands) Bryan and Tom talk about “Star Wars,” through a weird lens. This week’s episode: “50 shades of Boba Fett”.

“We’re talking about Fennec Shand and the discomfort of this particular episode. We’re talking about writing a show that we think is supposed to take us on an emotional journey, but it’s not! However, we hope that with the possible return of Din Djarin and other Mandalorians that this show can find some much needed heart!” Listen now.

The Resistance Broadcast is Star Wars News Net’s official “Star Wars” podcast. Check out their latest episode, in which they review Chapter 5 of “The Book of Boba Fett.”

“Welcome to The Mando Fan Show, our show on ‘The Mandalorian’ and now ‘The Book of Boba Fett!’ This episode covers Chapter 5, “Return of the Mandalorian. We rate the chapter using Temuera Morrison Faces on a scale of 0-10 “Tems”, point out Easter eggs and references, have an open discussion about the episode and let’s speculate what will happen next week! We’re also giving you the fifth issue of the “Mando Code” contest!” Listen here.

Hosted by Gerry Cable and Scotty Gyro, The Bombadcast is all about positivity in the fandom and building a connected community. Listen now.

Around the Galaxy is an hour-long talk show for “Star Wars” fans. Each week, Pete Fletzer brings you conversations with authors, personalities, actors, creators, and superfans talking about their “Star Wars” journey. In the final episode, Pete guest stars alongside his father, Randy.

“For this episode of our 150th tour of the galaxy, Pete Fletzer is the guest. Normally the host, Pete has been a writer for ‘Star Wars Galaxy’ and ‘Star Wars Insider’ magazines, a social media influencer and author of over 200 questions for the Amazing Science Fiction Trivia Game and the ‘horror. On this week’s show, his dad, Randy, takes the reins and hosts the show with Pete as a guest!” Listen now.

The Whills’ podcast treats “Star Wars” as sacred text. In the latest episode, host Nick Mielke is joined by Fantha Tracks editor Mark Newbold. Listen now.

Join Silver and Cat in Into the Garbage Chute where they dive into every corner of the galaxy, far and wide, and the fans they attract. Check out their latest episode with special guest Kara DJ, the creator behind the “Into A Larger World” fanzine. Listen now.

On Scavenger’s Hoard, Rachael and Kirsty discuss “Boba Fett’s Book”. Listen now.

Sistas with Sabers is a podcast designed for and by black “Star Wars” fans. It’s a safe space where black fans can connect, support each other and share their experience with the world. For their latest episode, listen here.


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