Vintage bike stolen 16 years ago from 17 found in storage locker in Winnipeg


A vintage bicycle lost 16 years after being stolen in a burglary was among 17 found by Winnipeg police during a recent investigation into the theft of bicycles in the city.

The bike has now been traced back to its owner, a woman now aged 70, as it was on the city’s bicycle register, police spokesman Const said. Dani McKinnon said Friday.

“It was stolen in 2005 in a burglary in a garage at her house. She had stuck to the original serial number and when the bicycle registry came to fruition – several years after her bike was stolen – she registered her bike and it was returned to her some 16 years later, ”McKinnon said.

“I think it’s a really unique story.”

Police opened the investigation after numerous reports of stolen bikes along a southern section of the Pembina Highway between April 2020 and early November 2021.

Police said 17 bikes, seen here in the garage at the city’s police headquarters, were found in a storage locker in south Winnipeg. (Submitted by the Winnipeg Police Service)

The investigation, with advice from the public, led officers to a warehouse on Rue Hervo, near Boulevard Chevrier. They entered the locker on Nov. 16 and found the bikes, many of which had high-end retail value, McKinnon said.

Five were returned to the original owners because they were registered with the city. Anyone who believes their bicycle was among those recovered and can identify it is asked to call investigators at 204-986-2878.

A 51-year-old man was arrested on November 23 in connection with the thefts.

Another of the registered bikes belonged to a 13-year-old boy. To get the bike in the first place, he made a deal with his parents to work and pay half the cost of $ 1,000, McKinnon said.

Shortly after doing his part and buying the bike, it was stolen, while locked up on school property.

“So he was very upset. Luckily they put it on the register and it was one of the bikes that got picked up in that locker,” McKinnon said.

“So it was returned to him in good working order. … [He] and his parents were very happy. “

Bikes can be registered online with the city. Salvaged bikes that aren’t registered and unclaimed end up going to the annual police auction.


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