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Following the success of deRivaz & Ives’ inaugural online auction on January 22, 2022, it will hold two further online sales “Progressives & other Modern Masters” (March 8-9) and the “Vintage & Classic Automobile Collection of Zaheer Vakil” (March 11-12).

A dozen carefully selected cars from the highly regarded collection will be on offer for discerning enthusiasts looking for high-quality, beautifully restored vintage automobiles.

Lot 8 1949 Austin A90 Atlantic Sport

One of the most eminent and respected luminaries of the historic vehicle movement in India, Zaheer Vakil’s enviable collection of exceptional automobiles, spanning from the 1920s to the 1990s, is known throughout India. This collection has a reputation for being selective and tasteful, with nearly all cars restored to a very high standard of quality and authenticity.

Among the first cars he bought was a 1947 Buick Super Cabriolet which belonged to Digvirendrasinghji Solanki of the princely family of Vansda (Gujarat). This car sparked a passion for Buicks, and over the years Zaheer Vakil acquired more than a dozen of them over the years, earning him the nickname “Buick Man of India”.

A very rare 1947 Buick Roadster coupé convertible (lot 12), previously from the collection of Raja de Chamba, is offered in this auction; it is expected to exceed the price of fifty lakhs.

Lot 12 1947 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Coupe

All Vakil family cars are exceptionally well restored and all have good wheels in good mechanical condition. None of the cars are recent restorations of the “restoration for sale” type, and so there are no superficially finished automobiles on offer. Most of the cars are older restorations, meticulously executed, with the intention of preserving them for the longer term.

All cars offered come with a full set of papers. None of the cars are imported – all are of Indian origin, most with well-documented histories, some with exceptional origins and stories with them.

The opening auction preview for this rare collection takes place at Vakil’s Pune Estate on 5th March 2022 (please see attached invitation).

Online Fine Art Auction “Progressives & the Modern Masters” features some of the finest works by artists such as MF Husain, SH Raza, FN Souza, KH Ara, VS Gaitonde, Tyeb Mehta, Bhupen Khakhar, Nasreen Mohamedi, Prabhakar Barwe, among others.

VS Gaitonde Untitled | Oil on canvas, circa 1953 | 30.7 x 36.9 inches (78.0 x 93.7cm)

Highlights include a beautiful early oil on canvas (circa 1953) by VS Gaitonde during his figurative phase; the powerful Horses series of the early 1970s from MF Husain; two beautiful KH Ara Still Life paintings purchased by the Rajpipla Royal Family in 1967 directly from the artist; two important paintings by SH Raza from the period 1971-72 – Earth & Landscape, donated for his Centenary.

MF Husain | Horse Series | Oil on canvas, nd | 36.0 x 60.2 inches (91.4 x 153.0 cm)

Tyeb Mehta | Gesture | Oil on canvas, circa 1976 | 23.5 x 19.5 inches (59.8 x 49.5cm)

A handsome little Bhupen Khakhar painted in 1980, the year he publicly and audaciously decided to come out of the closet with his homosexuality and a Tyeb Mehta from his 1976 Gesture series which began after the end of his famous Diagonal series.


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