Vintage collection of rowing blazers curated by Jack Carlson


New York print house Rowing Blazers is back with a fresh take on vintage pieces curated by founder Jack Carlson. The capsule’s clothing and accessories reflect the brand’s prep-influenced style, as well as Carlson’s interest in archaeology, Oxbridge education, and other references.

Describing the collection as “diverse pieces that inspire and inform the world of rowing blazers,” Carlson selected sporting goods from Oakley, FILA and Nike, as well as rugby and football shirts, t-shirts graphics and nylon and corduroy caps. The vintage outlet goes beyond clothing, with the sale of out-of-print Japanese fashion magazines, as well as iconic books, posters and other accessories.

Launching the vintage collection, Carlson said:

“Archaeology isn’t just about digging in the earth: it’s the study of material culture, which includes vintage clothing. And Rowing Blazers is as much about history as anything. Much of what we do is the result of tireless research into esoteric sports traditions, the anthropology of clothing, and the vintage pieces we love.

The complete vintage collection is available now via the Rowing Blazers online store.

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