Vintage Collection’s Slave 1 renamed and costs $50 more


We knew this was coming. As soon as Boba Fett’s Book launched, I knew Hasbro/Disney would repackage the Vintage Collection Slave 1 with new branding. With the new packaging, it would retain its new “safe for all ages” name of “Boba Fett’s Starship”. Isn’t that the most catchy name? I can’t wait for the Millenium Falcon to be renamed “Han’s Space Freighter”.

During this week’s SDCC announcements, Hasbro has listed the re-released Slave 1 on Hasbro Plus for pre-order. Expected release April 1 [HA!] 2023, the giant toy is essentially the same one we saw in stores just a few months ago. From what I can tell, the vehicle has been repainted a bit, which gives it a dustier look. However, all play characteristics of the toy are still exactly the same. There are multiple compartments, a rotating cockpit, an extendable loading ramp, spring-loaded cannons and rotating wings.

The price has definitely gone up. Hasbro expects you to shell out $199 for something that was $50 less last year, and the only difference is that you’re getting an unarmored Boba Fett figure. Yes, it’s true. Plus, you’ll get a $10-$15 action figure and a name change for all that extra cash. Courting. Sign me up.


All other accessories correspond to the previously released toy:

  • Clear vehicle mount
  • Sonic Mines
  • escape capsule

Luckily, you can still order the appropriately named Slave 1 on the Big Bad Toy Store for only $149.99. This version comes with the same ship and Han is encased in carbonite. The box is based on the original Kenner version of Slave 1 from the early 80s when The Empire Strikes Back toyline was in stores.


I know what Disney does. With the mouse, star wars is just a tool to make money. For this faceless society, this is not the work of a storyteller’s life. So, to make the product as appealing as possible, all things that might be objectionable to any demographic with disposable income need to be squashed. We saw it with Slave Leia, and Slave 1 is just another victim. It’s only a matter of time before other subjects, names and characters from Galaxy Far, Far Away by George Lucas are changed. Disney needs to create a product so bland that it can appeal to everyone except those who have kept the Star Wars franchise alive through its ups and downs.

Let us know what you think of the price hike and name change in the comments section below.

[Source: Hasbro Pulse]

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