Vintage LL Bean collection debuts with an eco-friendly twist



As the Roaring Twenties are finally in full swing, vintage styles and clothing are resurfacing, some as far and old as the early 2000s. But for those of us who grew up in an earlier era of nostalgia, LL Bean kicks off the summer with revamped clothes taken straight from the archives. With two 80s and 90s inspired colourways to choose from, we see the Anorak, bob and tote back in the LL Bean catalogs. And we’ll go over all the styling details, pricing, and availability just below the jump.

LL Bean unearths vintage archival clothing

Providing styles for the great outdoors since 1912, it’s no wonder that LL Bean has a historic catalog to choose from. But these re-released vintage styles aren’t just inspired by the original, they’re made from it too. LL Bean reduces waste by making these reissued items from the same excess waterproof material the originals were built in the 80s and 90s. The styling is slightly different, with new colourways available in this slightly modernized selection, but the quality is downright classic.

Starting with the iconic Anorak, this nylon and polyester windbreaker retains the oversized unisex style that dominated pop culture when it was released. It features the same kangaroo pocket and elastic waist, as well as a high collar sealed with a zipper and Velcro for extra protection from the elements. Like everything in the vintage LL Bean collection, it comes in two daring colors: purple red and purple, or black and ocean green. Only 1,700 Anoraks will actually be distributed, due to the limited excess fabric.

Likewise, only 750 bucket hats and 750 tote will be produced this time around. Each features the same bold coloring and compact synthetic material, and everything except the tote is machine washable. And of course you will find the unique ‘reissued’ LL Bean tag sewn onto the front of the hat or in the bottom corner of the tote.

Now available for purchase

As mentioned above, these vintage styles are talking about them and it puts them on the list of endangered clothing. This six-coin collection will only see a circulation of 3,200 units, but luckily, prices don’t suffer terribly. The anorak will run you the most at $ 69.95 shipped, while the bucket hat goes in 40 $ and the tote 25 $.

9to5Toys point of view:

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a fan of vintage looks. And LL Bean is doing something unique here, reusing its old surplus material. The styles were cute back then and they’re deadly now, and given that they’re reused from the original material, the price is comparable to what you’ll find in some vintage stores. It’s a movement deeply rooted in the brand, limiting waste on these chic, wilderness essentials. Overall, this is a great look, very green and just in time considering how popular each of these styles is. And if you’re ever looking for a change of look, there’s always Cardi B’s take on the hottest sportswear in history to boot.

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