Vintage style bathrooms


To give a bathroom a vintage look, you need to select fixtures that date back to the early days of electric lighting and interior plumbing. Here are some ideas for decorating your bathroom in a vintage style.

At first, sunken baths were rare. But detached tubs date back to a time when indoor plumbing was scarce. The clawfoot tub is a classic design, and smooth porcelain was one of the most popular materials for early tubs due to the fact that it is an easy to clean surface.

Like detached tubs, detached pedestal sinks are reminiscent of an era before the widespread use of indoor plumbing. Select a curvy design to give your bathroom a Victorian look, which is the style that immediately followed the Victorian era. If you don’t want to waste storage space, consider turning an old dresser into a vanity unit.

The first toilets did not have a built-in cistern. Instead, the tank and bowl were separate, and the tank was usually hung on the wall high around the wall. The handle was attached to the tank by a long metal chain.

Try varnished wood floors, one of the first types of smooth flooring available, which made it a popular choice for first-time bathrooms. Choose a highly polished wood that will be easy to clean.

Marble has a very Victorian side to it, but the marble itself can be quite expensive. Or go for hexagonal tiles. Hexagonal tiles appeared mainly during the ancient period. You can go completely by selecting shiny tiles, or you can mix and match vintage styles by choosing hexagonal

Opt for an all-white pattern to give your bathroom a Victorian vibe. The Victorians were somewhat obsessed with cleanliness, and a pure white or ivory bathroom creates an appearance as clean and crisp as it gets.

Color wouldn’t be completely out of place in a Victorian themed bathroom, but if you are introducing color, you should select pastel tones and use them to accentuate the white elements in the room. Add soft, pastel accents of turquoise, pink and blue if you want a slightly modern touch to the Victorian style.

Look for earthy browns, yellows, greens and reds if you want an artisan feel. The Craftsman style was inspired by nature, and as a result, warm shades of green and brown were particularly common. Go for bright colors, like yellow, green, blue and pink, to give your bathroom. Select tile and wall paint in bright, vibrant hues.


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