Vintage-style Capri electric bikes are retro on the outside but electric on the inside



Imagine owning an electric version of a first edition Ford Mustang, or a Cadillac, or one of Pininfarina’s cars from the 60s-70s. Wouldn’t that be something ?! Combining classic body styling with the sheer innovation of an electric drivetrain? Aside from the fact that your e-Mustang wouldn’t quite have the same purr if it were electric, the idea of ​​preserving retro styles while keeping a finger on the pulse of tech is pretty cool.

Built with a classically designed exterior body, Capri’s bikes have a beautifully retro look… but they have a secret. Hidden behind their incredibly slim and unpretentious frame, beneath the beautiful 70s-inspired paintwork is the bike’s electric riding ability. With a small but powerful motor that powers the rear wheel, Capri’s bikes boast a design that reflects the glorious age of European automobiles, as well as the electric assistance of an electric bicycle. It is literally current technology in a 70s body.

The Capri comes in two variations, the Metz, with a top tube frame, and the Azure, with a mixed frame that ditch the top tube for twin tubes descending diagonally from the upper front wheel to the rear wheel. The bikes come with leather saddles and handlebars (there are also variants with vegan leather), a bottle holder and a series of absolutely gorgeous paint jobs that take inspiration from the vibrant CMF elements of European automobiles from years ago. 1970. Weighing just 16kg, Capri electric bikes are unsuspectingly light and designed entirely to look like regular bikes, while a rear wheel motor and 6.8Ah battery give you a ride. pedal assisted for a range of 40 km.

Capri’s bikes aren’t just designed to celebrate the EU’s rich automotive design history. It literally comes with Brooks saddles from England, Schwalbe tires from Germany or Michelin from France, Bastia fenders, Saccon brakes from Italy, and is designed in Spain, acting as a poster for automotive innovation in Europe while most companies are looking to Asia and China for their prototypes. Capri maintains production in Italy, which allows it to adhere to the highest standards in bicycle production, while ensuring that every customer receives a bike that exceeds expectations. an electrified format that keeps pace with the fast pace of modern life.

Creators: Andrés Maldonado Elvira & Adrían García Gonzalez

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Capri e-Bikes – The perfect balance between power, weight, range and style

Inspired by vintage French bikes from the late 70s, the super light Capri (16kg) lets you ride faster and longer with a bike no one will recognize as an electric bike.

Why Capri electric bikes are right for you

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Click here to buy now: $ 1,223 $ 2,111 (42% reduction). Hurry, only 20/30 left! Raised over $ 150,000.



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