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Federation of independent development teams United plugins announced the availability of UniChannel as the latest founding partner plug-in Digital SonDevice . They say he duly provides a vintage-style universal channel strip for every use, offering over 27 combinations of preamps, EQs and compressors, each with a unique character and allowing the welcome warmth of analog sound to truly shine thanks to VARM II technology that results in the most faithful representation of hardware counterparts, connectable to each channel of a mix … unlike these hardware counterparts. Here are more details of the company …

Inspiration in variety is the very essence of SounDevice Digital’s UniChannel. After all, accessing a fine collection of material-based equipment while working in the studio is, indeed, inspiring and a good thing to have, of course; it is, unfortunately, also a path which takes time – not to say expensive – to take in today’s reality where time is running out. But Boris Carloff, owner of the Prague studio SounDevice Studio, which notably gave its name to the established brand that is at the heart of United Plugins, knows this only too well, having collected vintage material for more than 20 years. Yet there is a method in his – some might say – musical madness. “There is always something wrong – from tubes to scratchy pots and counters with loud caps,” concedes the man himself, before adding: “And the units are so scarce you can’t. hardly ever use them on multiple channels simultaneously. So, to avoid these limitations, we were inspired to create a solution that brings together the best of these devices in a single plug-in. The result is UniChannel. “

UniChannel duly offers the welcome warmth of analog sound, but – unlike its hardware counterparts – it can be connected to every channel of anyone’s mix. What’s more, users can also change components with just one click on the screen, rather than resorting to the super slow screwdriver and patch bay workflow of yesteryear. With the UniChannel plug-in, there is therefore a preset for every occasion – with no aging and / or broken components to maintain and / or replace.

But best of all, the UniChannel plug-in comes with no less than three types of preamp, three types of equalizer and three types of COMPRESSOR clearly displayed on the screen, at all times. Together, this makes a total of over 27 unique “plug-ins” easily residing in one. At first glance, bypassing the EQ or COMPRESSOR allows anyone to hear that the variety of sounds on offer is almost endless – inspiration in variety abounds, in other words.

With VARM II technology – based on knowledge of the chaotic behavior and randomness of the analog (real) world – residing at the heart of UniChannel, each plug-in instance acts slightly differently, due to the technology being modeled by this technology. subtle differences in the values ​​of the electrical parts themselves – just as is the case with the real-world electrical parts that make up the channels of the console. Therefore, this results in the most faithful representation of the sounds of the relevant hardware units.

Speaking of these sounds, the preamp, EQ, and COMPRESSOR sections of the UniChannel plug-in are all switchable between BR (British), US (United States), and GE (German) flavors. For example, this classic British channel switching results in a fat-sounding transformer coloring for an aggressive bass, kick drum, and rock attitude; It features a 70s style British transformer preamp, 70s style EQ and 70s style diode bridge compressor. Conversely, the 80s American style op preamp and 70s style EQ. 80s present a mid-sounding punch – perfect for electric guitar or toms, while the early 50s American-style tube compressor is a fat-sounding monster, making the vocals silky smooth. smooth with a wonderful color to boot. But the full-sounding German channel works wonders on the drum bus, and sounds so magical when applied to vocals that the engineers at SounDevice Studio don’t recommend using anything else for jazzy styles or an intimate ballad; It features a 1950s-style tube preamp, a rare 60s-style EQ, and a 50s-style tube vari-mu compressor.

Obviously, it’s also worth mentioning that the photorealistic nature of the gorgeous GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the UniChannel plugin makes its users feel like they’re touching real hardware. However, it easily adapts to their needs as they can always drag the arrow in the lower right corner to change its size – smaller to save precious “screen space” or larger to make it more user-friendly. eye and, therefore, easier to use.

Ultimately, UniChannel delivers maximum audio quality using internal 64-bit audio processing as well as being able to handle any sample rate – as is effectively the case with all released plugins. under the United Plugins umbrella, so why not give it a try at 192kHz … or even higher! Helpfully, the UniChannel plug-in intelligently detects whether it is a good idea to perform processing – if not, it temporarily activates sleep mode, which means that it requires virtually no Central Processing Unit (CPU) power, thus saving costs. IT resources for other processes.

In other words: with UniChannel, Boris Carloff and the talented team at SounDevice Digital have surely succeeded in their collective mission of making variety inspiration come true in a plug-in that duly provides a stylish universal channel strip. vintage for every use, offering over 27 combinations of preamps, EQs and compressors, each with a unique character and all allowing the welcome warmth of analog sound to truly shine.

Price and availability:
SounDevice Digital’s UniChannel is available for purchase for a time-limited introductory promotional price of just € 33 until the end of November 2021 – which is an attractive 78% discount thereafter to its normal price of € 149.00 – as AAX Plug-in compatible -, AU-, VST- and VST3 (using internal 64-bit audio processing capable of handling any sample rate) directly from United Plugins ( A fully functional 15-day trial version for macOS 10.10 and later and Windows 8/10 can be downloaded for free from here.

Note that no iLok, dongle or Internet access is required for UniChannel activation. (All United Plugins software uses license files for activation, and owners can freely use purchased software on all of their computers as long as they are the user.)



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