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Hello December!!

Well the holiday season has started and some have said that the colors green, red and white are already topping the fashion scene.

I’m sure Santa has visited before otherwise make sure the fireplace is always open you never know what you might get.

MDR! (laughing out loud).

On a sad note, for starters, Louis Vuitton artistic director and Off-White founder Virgil Abloh died last Sunday of cancer at age 41.

I’m sure we’re waiting for the Louis Vutton tribute parade.

That his soul rests in peace.

You played your part on the track.

Either way, so I have to agree with my fashionista friends over the past few weeks as our Instagram feed has been inundated with everything Gucci related.

With the release of the most anticipated fashion film of the year, House of Gucci, it’s nearly impossible to ignore footage of all of Gucci’s draped megastars attending the Ridley Scott film premieres.

It stars award-winning stars Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Jared Leto as well as Oscar nominee Lady Gaga and one of the biggest movie stars around in Adam Driver, who plays Maurizio Gucci.

The film tells the shocking story based on the events surrounding Gucci’s death and offers a glimpse into the Italian fashion empire.

We saw Lady Gaga, who plays convicted murderer Patrizia Reggiani in the film, wearing several outfits designed by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele for the press tour and film premieres.

The British Prime Minister’s flowing and dramatic purple dress is from the brand’s Love Parade show.

According to fashion e-commerce aggregator, searches for Gucci bags have already increased 257% from before the film’s release, while searches for Gucci clothing have increased by 73%.

However, the film’s effect on Gucci’s sales comes as no surprise to the brand.

Gerry Cupido wrote that while Gucci has not officially endorsed House of Gucci, the brand has opened its archives to provide a limited selection of original items and accessories to the film’s production team.

“Costume designer Janty Yates estimates that Gaga alone had between 75 and 100 outfits, from a bright red ski jumpsuit to a pink polka dot dress with square shoulders and puffed sleeves. She accessorized many looks with gold bracelets and a cigarette.

I rest my case.

My friends on social media have asked about the power suit that’s back as a statement or boardroom reserved?

Well, quick response; “Yes, but no longer reserved for the boardroom.

According to research, over the past two years, loungewear has turned into daywear, nightwear, and can still be seen pretty much everywhere.

With nowhere to go and no reason to dress, the casual look – which is a cross between pajamas and casual wear – was enthusiastically embraced by those who in the past had to constantly worry about what to wear to work everyday.

Working from home has allowed us to take a step back from the constant pressure of having to dress in a special way. Especially for those who work in a more conservative corporate environment.

However, life is slowly starting to return to a very different form of normalcy.

Whether willingly or by force, many people are now returning to their desks, leaving behind the comforts of their home office and all the other comforts that come with it.

Dusting off our makeup bags and fastening our bras, we once again find ourselves in front of our wardrobes filled with loungewear, more puzzled than ever about what to wear.

That said, there are plenty of women who – on the opposite end of the spectrum – want to slip into their Louboutins, button up their crisp white shirts, straighten their hair, and shape their faces for a crisp finish.

It has been real torture for diehard fashionistas not to be able to dress. For not being able to rock all the hottest looks and fill their Instagram pages with LOTD (Look Of The Day) posts.

With the return of live catwalks to the Fashion Weeks Channel in recent months, the street styles spotted outside of the catwalks are a clear indication that people have been eagerly awaiting time, once again, to show off their style. and perfectly planned. looks.

Through all the layers of shiny tulle and trendy coats, the power suit established itself as a look that transcends the boardroom.

Dressed in heels or down with chunky sneakers, the power suit makes a bold comeback.

From muted tones to bright acidic, baggy to structured, you can never go wrong wearing one.

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya are fans of this look and wear them in different ways that show their personality.

Recently, singer Adele was stunned in an all-white Christopher John Rogers costume during her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Anyone who wears a power suit instantly exudes confidence. Even if you don’t feel particularly confident that day, swiping one will make you feel like an improved version of yourself. – IOLNews



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