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The first hull of the Moonen 110 is taking shape quickly, and it’s about to be a rockfall. According to Talsma Shipyards, more than half of the project has already been completed and will feature many Moonen quintessential technical and aesthetic design points.

The 34-meter Moonen 110 is a yacht for the 21st century, brimming with style and sophistication in equal measure. As the Managing Director of Moonen Yachts says, sailing a boat like this is “like wearing a very expensive piece of jewelry”, the quality of which will be immediately recognized by many connoisseurs.

Developed and designed by René van der Velden with naval architecture by Diana Yacht Design, the Moonen 110 and its characteristic low profile and retro outlines emerged after Moonen consulted with current and potential Moonen owners.

While signifying a step forward for the builders, the new superyacht is also swimming in nostalgia. By creating the Moonen 110 in line with their previous 84 and 97 models, the Dutch shipbuilders have managed to resurrect their 2000s classic with a modern, but paradoxically vintage touch. These design contradictions translate into the incredibly subtle look its builders describe: “An evolution of timeless constructions. History made modern.

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According to CTO Nicky van Zon, it is precisely these details that will allow the Moonen 110 to stand the test of time. “Ultramodern yachts will age very quickly because they reflect what was fashionable at the time,” he says. “If you look at the style of the classically inspired gentleman’s yacht it is much more timeless and will appeal to yacht lovers now and in the future.”

Construction of the first Moonen 110 hull began in June 2021 at Talsma shipyards in Friesland, The Netherlands. On track for April 2023 delivery, the superyacht hull has been rotated in October 2021. When posting this update, Moonen Project Manager John Bechtold said: “I am very proud and grateful for the first result we have achieved together as a new team. “

It’s easy to understand the excitement of the teams. When complete, the impending steel-aluminum hull will feature a five-cabin layout for 10 guests and house three decks, floor-to-ceiling windows, a flared bow and large twin stairs aft. A classic nautical navy and crystal white superstructure will meet in the ship’s two-tone hull, and the yacht’s slender profile and shallow draft will make the boat ideal for Caribbean cruising.

At only a few feet longer than her smaller sistership, the first Moonen 110 hull is roomy, despite the yacht’s modest platform. The owner’s suite and the boat’s VIP cabin are both full width and there are five crew berths, compared to only three berths aboard the Moonen 97. Unlike the previous two yachts, the Moonen 110 does not have of fixed furniture to help with its management, which is an element that received special attention in the creation of the new model. Pumps, hoses, hydraulic blocks, and electrical cabinets – and anything that makes noise – are all mounted on rubber shocks, while the generators are air-mounted on specially designed frames.

Moonen estimates the 256 GT yacht will have a top speed of 13 knots and a range of 3,500 nautical miles at nine knots. The first unit of the Moonen 110 is currently for sale.

To find out more about the rapidly growing fleet of Moonen superyachts, contact the shipyard directly here.

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