Zara Home has the best vintage-style seasonal lamps to set the mood


we know the importance of light In an interior design project. Because, to create a pleasant atmosphere in the house, it is necessary to install both direct lighting (that which concentrates on a specific object or place) and indirect lighting (that which diffuses more on the walls, the ceiling or floor). The combination of the two is when you get a really cozy atmosphere. and in this, Zara House He wanted to surprise us in the best possible way.

In this sense, and very good for all the styles, colors and designs that we can have in our home, Zara Homes has a complete list lamps and light fixtures You are looking for maximum comfort to illuminate your space in the most practical way… but not only. And that’s it, thanks to current theories, we have these great looking ideas to decorate and fix your space in a beautiful and attractive space.

Zara home lamps not only illuminate, but also decorate

Whether bathing an entire room with lamps, with spotlights that concentrate their intensity at a certain point, or with systems and methods that allow diffused and indirect lighting, the importance of lighting is clear. . Likewise, you can appreciate the excellent results that the lighting provides. more decorative formula And warm, something that the Zara Home Store offers very well with much appreciated views.

For this reason it is important when choosing a lamp for our living room or a room in our house, a lamp that illuminates and creates an atmosphere. comfort and homeAnd if you want to know one of the best novelties available in their store right now, we ask you to be careful because they have just launched a lamp that gives us a lot to say, and we are sure that it will be a favorite of many homes. .

This is a globe shaped lamp from Zara Home, which is modern and very attractive

Lighting is the best thing in the house indirect and powerful This prevents dark corners and shadow areas from occurring and why spaces appear smaller than they are. Living room, Bedroom, Living room, Dining room… Good with everything, and great for giving a new look to any room, that’s what we’ll find out will score before and after in your environment, and it would be nothing like picking it up.

The same goes for the tripod floor lamp with its design balloon shaped, who has become one of the best Ritu Deepak, It’s too much; Those who have already bought it (and who have made it the best seller of the moment in online stores) highlight above all its design which seems inspired by vintage style lamps, but at the same time it is a product of high quality. Available in your electronic and physical stores, it costs €59.99.

Vintage style, works with 3 intensity levels

As you can see, this is a luxury piece that features the elements 60sMainly due to its size and material of construction, with 80% polyethylene and 20% iron respectively for its shade and base. This is what makes it so whimsical of all styles, so it works with LED bulbs which are activated by the battery included with the purchase, which you can recharge when you need it via a USB cable. .

Also available in a desktop version, simple but just as practical and efficient, allowing you to add more modernity to the lighting. In addition, one of its great features is that it has a timer function Between 40 and sixty minutes, after which it switches off automatically, provided that you can adjust the system intensity with 3 levels: Low, Medium and High, and depending on that you can get light from 4 to 72 hours without recharging.


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